Folkdance Jukebox

By Dick Killian, Las Vegas, Nevada


Folkdance Jukebox The FOLKDANCE JUKEBOX is a laptop computer with a software program that allows you to program all of your folk dance music. It comes with the music for more than 800 folk dances, as well as over 1,000 dance descriptions, costume information, and an online manual.

The computer has tempo control, pitch control, and speed control, and it is easy to use.

Features include a CD drive to play mp3 and audio CDs, add new or change dances and syllabi, play one and stop or play continuously, easy-to-read large type on the screen, operator and owner manuals, USB port for flash drive and printer, automatically log all dances played, printable list of all dances and syllabi, custom built and configured.

Click HERE for a PDF file of the operating manual.

(Our sound system uses Bluetooth speakers which represent the latest technology we have employed to ease the distractions of our Gandy Dancer's (the crew member running the program) duties every Wednesday evening. This involves a transmitter (BlueSense TRM), a product of Go Groove (about $40.00). The model we use is GGBSTRM100BLEW. It pairs with our wireless speaker (TDK Flex) Model A28 (about $70.00) nicely, located on the floor across the ballroom. In this manner, volume can be discerned easily by the Gandy Dancer as the "teaser" is played prior to announcing the name of the following music. The result is improved sound. The transmitter can be easily and safely exchanged from one music source to any other, such as laptop, iPhone, Android, MP3 player, etc.)

For information about the FOLKDANCE JUKEBOX project, please contact


Dick Killian

(702) 732-4871

Ethnic Express